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We are the Top Turnkey Interior Designer in Bangalore. The turnkey interior design execution process is a highly interactive one, in which we go much deeper into formulating a clear program of your needs and requirements. Each design is evolved specifically crafted to your particular requirements and context. We believe in total creative expression achieved through efficient detailing of various elements that are required.

Cubes Interior Solutions believes that none of the projects are the same in terms of design and details. We consider it our duty to sit down with client and discuss in detail their specific requirements and vision for the space. This process not only helps client realize what they want but also helps us in bringing their imagination into reality.

We take responsibility for the complete execution of the project. It ensures two most important things, Quality Control and Time-Bound Completion. We are looking to build and nurture long term relationships through our highly personalized service that strive for the client's satisfaction. We provide complete Interior Design execution solutions ranging from furniture design, layout theme, color combination, electrical lightings and plug points, network, decorative ceiling, carpets, civil work, smoke detectors, temperature conditioning, cctv cameras, fire exit planning, name boards for cabins.


Turnkey Interior designing is a very new and popular choice of interior designing which is gradually becoming a ‘go-to’ interior solution. This is a type of solution where we manage and control an interior designing project from the scratch, that is from start to finish and we save the owner from the chaotic hassle and stress. Cubes Interior solutions, takes care of the complete responsibility of the given residential or commercial space. It is a proven efficient and cost effective solution for homes, offices or any other multifunctional space. Weather it is a complete makeover or a fresh new start, the best turnkey interior designers are here at your service. We’re here to make your life easy from inception to a time-bound completion of your space. Quality is of dominant importance in our firm hence we work towards brilliance while exceeding the expectations of our clients in the most spectacular and significant way. Cubes Interior Solutions is a one stop destination for all interior designing solutions. Turnkey solution follows an organized approach of designing. As the interior designers are in charge of the project it results in productive management and better results. We carry out this creative affair of interior designing projects in the following sequence.

1. Plan:

Here we marry your ideas with the knowledge and skills of our experts. Transparency is the key for a successful service hence we make sure our clients have the freedom to select and have a say in our thought process and outline of the project. It’s a blend of your sense of style and the professional experience of our maestros. Your ideas and expectations are the centre of our planning universe. As per the turnkey interior solution is defined we, the designers are in charge of the projects but frankly, it’s you, the clients who initially lead the project. An opinion and direction is welcomed from the clients on the selection of the finest quality of the materials, patterns, textures, lights, furnishing, flooring and every other element of design. Now the blueprint of the project is all set for its execution!


2. Execution:

This stage is where the action begins. And action is the game changer. We bring the blueprint of the project to life. Our style of designing adjoins the ingredients of originality, uniqueness and innovation. Our team is a bunch of professionals who are passionate about giving life to interiors and hence their works is of top notch quality. Every detail of every element is paid close attention to in order to create something great. We make sure our customers are updated about the happenings of the project on a regular basis. We also entertain improvisations and customizations based on the suggestions from our clients.


3. Feedback:

Before the completion and the final furnishing we usually take a feedback from our clients in order to implement our vision in a significant way. We are recognized as the best turnkey interior designers as we use the finest quality materials, skilled designers and our products and services are provided for the best value. The clients can track and manage the budgets too. Customer satisfaction is what drives us to reach perfection. Communication and consistency is the key for providing a successful service. Thus we are very clear and precise when it comes to planning and executing the projects. It’s a very common misconception that in Turnkey interior solutions, the owner of the place looses ownership of the space with respect to its style and ideas or is unable to connect and feel like it’s their own space. But in reality, we at Cubes interior solutions will transform your imagination into a surreal reality. We help you live your dream! We take direction from our clients to make your space a functional and suave one. We make the process of interior designing very smooth, effective and timely by taking the responsibility of the entire project. We are looking forward for nurturing a long term relationship with our customers as customer satisfaction is what inspires us. In this fast paced cosmopolitan epoch, turnkey interior solutions is the best choice as we deliver tailor made homes/workspaces or any other multifunctional space according to your taste and convenience. It’s not just a project for us. It is your dream, which we’re taking responsibility of. We work to our best potential to nurture and mould your dream into an incredible space to dwell and progress.



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