As one of the leading Residential Interior Designers in Bangalore, quality is our highest priority. With our end-to-end interior design services, we ensure quality at every step. Our execution process is much deeper into drafting clear sketches based on the needs and requirements of customers. Each design is tailored to address the particular requirements in context to the individuals’ living space. Our focus and belief is in total creative expression through efficient layout planning, central theme, new and innovative materials in term of modular kitchens outlook, wardrobes, living room theme design, cabinets, bedroom furniture and fixtures, bathroom accessories and complete interior décor.

Interior decoration is not to just impress guests. It is a place where inspirations, idea and art infuse together to bring dreams to reality. Cubes Interior Solutions believes that interior decoration is not just home designing. It’s about imaginative use of pattern, color, space to create beautiful home which makes you feel as good as they look. We are a leading Residential Interior Design Firms , which offer full service interior design to match any project budget and scope of work. We make sure that your home tells a story of who you are and, is a collection of what you love. Share with us what your dream home looks like and we will make that dream vision of yours come true.

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Your house speaks way before you do. Cubes interior solutions works towards making every room of your residence into a ‘living’ room filled with life, bliss and positivity. Interior designing is a business of trust and our team of enthusiasts constantly work at their best potential in order to deliver the extraordinary to the clients. By joining hands with Cubes interior solutions, one of the best residential interior designers, you will witness the amazing difference a professional can bring to your home. We build residents that will smile at you and fill you with joy. Create your homes with Cubes interior solutions and get inspired by the advices from the best in the business. From a chic bedroom to artistic kitchen designs and wardrobes, a lively living room’s crisp and cozy furniture, cabinets, a whimsical child’s room decor, flattering false ceilings, bedroom furniture and fixtures, bathroom accessories, in a nutshell Cubes interior solutions is a complete interior décor haven! We can completely reinterpret and redesign your existing space without constraints and boundaries and transform it into a timeless and conversational home.


We’ve designs which will rightly suit your budget and our projects are reasonably pocket friendly as We are not just into designing homes and interior designing. We like creating extraordinary from the ordinary. We like change. We are dynamic. We are a team of enthusiasts who are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge. We are passionate about creating homes which bring out the best in you. It is rightly said that an interior is the natural projection of the soul. We also add the elements of Feng Shui as we believe in crafting a cordial and functional space with good energy. A touch of elegance and opulence can provide a refined look to your residence. Why look for a beautiful place when we can create a beautiful place for you. We a bunch of dynamic designers follow the authentic principles of interior designing as well as defy some rules which will make your home stand out. At Cubes Interior Solutions, we build residences which mirror your soul and persona. Let your interiors reflect your personality. We produce bespoke creations exclusively which matches your sense of style. Let your interiors do the talking! Unable to comprehend what your residence is lacking? Cubes interiors will mix textures and elements from metal mixed with wood to organic woven fabrics with lacquered furniture and walls and so on! Variety is the spice of life and your home. We will bring out the magic in your mundane residence.

Is improper illumination creating a gloomy atmosphere in your home? We will add the tinge of refreshing and rejuvenating vibe to your residence through a lighting which will elevate your mood and lifestyle. If you’re the minimalist kind, then we will provide the ultimate sophistication through simplicity in your decor. Our talented designers can create simple yet creative designs. We measure, analyse and invade into the DNA of your space in order to capitalize the strengths and overcome the weaknesses of your house. We pay meticulous attention on the details of your habitat and enhance it with our professional skills. The interiors we create have an instant visual impact. We seek symmetry in asymmetrical spaces and even in maximalist rooms our interiors seize unified dialogue with well balanced and thoughtful dimensions.


Looking for a sure fire way to make your house striking and impressive? Well when in doubt, play with colors! Our color psychology experts are here to induce a color palette which will uplift your home and add an extravagant appeal. We deviate from the neutral colors to make your interiors playful and full of life. Our designs have a blend of styles, rhythms, art from different time periods, traditional furniture with contemporary details and vice versa. We bridge the gap between the old and new styles of interior designing. The materials we use are sustainable and can be reused and recycled at any point of time. We don’t always trust trends rather we create trends! We also build homes with the idea of Anti-Decor. This gives an appearance like the owner himself/herself has designed the residence. We assemble juxtaposing designs and textures to your cocoon. This is a unique French style of interior designing. From small houses to massive ones we create a home which will heal you and bring out the best in you. We create eclectic homes where you see a fusion of different styles, colors, textures, forms to accomplish a warm decor. Our designs, patterns, and the materials used give a layered depth to the senses, both the sight and touch.

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