We are the best Commercial Interior Designers in Bangalore. We believe in providing customized services to our clients and every project at Cubes Interior Solutions is ensured with greater involvement and a deeper level of commitment.

As one of the leading Commercial Interior Designer in Bangalore, quality is our highest priority. With our end-to-end interior design services, we ensure quality at every step. Our team of expert Interior Designers make maximum use of all the available space in an effective manner according to requirements to create splendid designs for your office. Our team helps in creating beautiful interior designs that not only look good but are functional as well.

We provide complete interior design execution solutions ranging from furniture design, layout theme, color combination, electrical lightings and plug points, network, decorative ceiling, carpets, civil work, smoke detectors, temperature conditioning, cctv cameras, fire exit planning, name boards for cabins and meeting rooms.


Cubes Interior Solutions is recognized as one of the Best Commercial Interior designing company. The style and tone of interior designing at Cubes interiors is in power with the international standards. At the same time we consider drawing a parallel between the traditional and modern art of interior designing. We believe in the creation of an environment which evokes emotions and fills purpose. We believe that every space, be it a commercial or a residential one needs to promote creativity and positivity. Interiors can make or break the vibe of a space and that’s why you need an interior designer. Customer satisfaction is the most important strategy of Cubes interior solutions. As one of the leading commercial interior designers, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers. We have a rich experience in creating multifunctional commercial spaces which radiates functionality and aesthetics of a profound quality.


Interior designing can be broadly classified into Commercial and Residential interior designing. Malls, libraries, workspaces, restaurants, cinema halls and much more falls under this category. The common problems faced in commercial interiors are disturbed flow of day to day operations, cluttered structure of decor, insufficient application of technology in interiors, messy and disorganized interiors, lack of the ‘wow’ factor in the interiors which leads to poor brand promotion in your workspace or any other multifunctional space. We are here to solve all the issues faced by your commercial space. Keep reading to find out how we add magic to your space. With respect to a commercial space, aesthetics play a very important role. The work of an efficient interior designer is to create equilibrium between form and function along with keeping the aesthetics in the spotlight. As it is said that Life is all about using the whole box of crayons, we at Cubes Interior Solutions believe in adding versatile elements in the interior structure. Each design created has a purpose and function of its own which gives a stunning visual to your commercial space. For examples a cubicle in a workspace is designed in such a manner that it cordially welcomes the employee and acts as a nurturing habitat to work efficiently. Our interior designers not only make the best usage of the given space but also add a touch of creativity to enhance the space to a greater height.

Cubes interior solutions, also provide personalized spaces which suit your ideas, the personality of your brand or the space. We give a character to your space. For example we also create customized spaces like a comfy library in a huge hotel or an unwinding cafe in your office space. With reference to a commercial space, our team has the superpower to create intimate zones in large areas and a sense of immensity in compact areas. We are known for our reliability skills as our services are timely and tend to radiate excellent quality. Adding technology can do wonders to your commercial space. At Cubes interiors we make the best use of technology to empower the space. Proper planning and seamless induction of technology makes your space a trending one. Let your commercial space promote creativity and innovation. The forte of a commercial space is its aesthetic creativity. The elements need to be upgraded with time without shading the basic branding parameters and the color palette of the space. Cubes Interior Solutions, helps you renovate your space into an incredible one while retaining its basic essence.


Cubes interior solutions has the monopoly in providing complete interior design execution solutions ranging from furniture design, layout theme, color combination, electrical lightings and plug points, network, versatile decorative ceiling, colossal carpets, civil work, smoke detectors, temperature conditioning, cctv cameras, fire exit planning, name boards for cabins and meeting rooms and much more. Last but not the least, apart from the aesthetics and functionality, safety is of supreme importance in a commercial space. We believe in safety first, safety last and safety always! We cater to the required interiors while keeping the safety aspect in mind. Along with the application of technology we also create eco friendly designs in order to provide an earthy and organic touch to the interiors. Name a design and you will find it all under this one roof – Cubes Interior solutions. Our team of professionals strive to transform your commercial space into an impressive and powerful one.


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